A 'Frozen' Parody About Chipotle Was The Only One We Ever Needed — VIDEO

We've seen so many Frozen parodies, but this one might have been the only one we ever needed. We now have the Frozen parody "Do You Want To Go To Chipotle," and I think we all know the resounding answer to that is — um, DUH. Nothing ever stood between me and burrito, unless that was guacamole, in which case, I jumped on that before the burrito, and then I went ham on the burrito.

Sure, the other Frozen parodies are adorable, and yes, most of us have become so numb to all the Frozen hoopla that we've turned icier than Elsa, but who can resist a parody about one of the greatest fast food chains in existence? The fast food chain that manages to tout itself for both freshness and for serving margaritas? You want to go to Chipotle, I want to go to Chipotle, we all want to have a Chipotle food baby together, so we'll suck it up and take another Frozen parody about Chipotle, because of course.

This parody is brought to you by Eric Vitale and Sarah Prizzi, who have proven via this video that, yes, it is possible to run through fields with a bag of Chipotle chips in slow motion. It also proves that maybe — just maybe — we have room in our hearts for one more Frozen parody. But just one. Unless someone makes "Do You Want To Eat Some Hummus?" I may also have room in my heart for that one.

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Image: Youtube