Meet Vancouver's Twitter Weed Fairy

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Remember the mystery philanthropist who’s hiding cash all over San Francisco for Bay Area residents to find just because he or she can? Well, Vancouver’s got its own version of @HiddenCash — except that instead of money, this novelty Twitter account is giving out weed. Ladies and gentlemen, meet @HiddenWeedYVR, Vancouver’s very own weed fairy.

@HiddenWeedYVR may not be a social experiment in the same way that @HiddenCash is, but I’m sure all of Vancouver’s pot smokers don’t mind. Like @HiddenCash, @HiddenWeedYVR tweets out clues as to where each day’s prizes are hidden and requests that those who find them either tweet a photo of it or email said photo to The account has been active since June 4; clues could look like this:

Or this:

With winners tweeting photos like this:

And this:

According to, those little canisters the weed is hidden in are waterproof Medtainer capsules, which come with built-in grinders for, ahem, ease of use. How thoughtful!

Of course, putting a bit of a damper on the whole is the fact that it’s kind of, um, illegal. Said Const. Brian Montague in an email statement to CTV News, “For the person who finds it, possession without a license is illegal. The act of delivering it to a place for someone else to find would be considered trafficking in a controlled substance under the CDSA.” He continued, “While we use a lot of discretion when it comes to marijuana, the fact that the person could be trafficking to a 12 or 13 year old, if they are the ones who find it, could draw some unwanted police attention.” Montague hasn’t confirmed whether police are actively investigating the Twitter account, but according to @HiddenWeedYVR him or herself, the weed drops will continue “Until I get bored, get busted, or run out of weed.”

In the meantime, Vancouverites, enjoy your prizes — but whatever you do, don’t let Maureen Dowd anywhere near it. We all know how that goes.