8 'Game of Thrones'-Inspired Halter Dresses To Help You Channel Dany, Shae, And Missandei

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Shae has been rocking the halter look since the end of season 1, but its the Missandei/Dany duo that's made the style a mainstay on the show: I mean, is there anything cuter than a matching queen and handmaiden? They looked like two girls having a slumber party in a recent episode, as they chatted and braided hair in matching gowns — that is, until they started discussing whether Grey Worm had lost just his "stones" or if his "pillar" met an unfortunate end as well.

Ah well, disturbing discussion notwithstanding, they (and Shae) have made some pretty solid fashion choices over the season. And whether you prefer Shae's dusty rose, ultra-flowy gowns of choice, or Missandei and Dany's (mostly) blue and white dresses, there's no denying it's a great trend to try this summer (when you're not too busy donning A Song of Ice and Fire -inspired cutout dresses, of course). After all, you're going to want something breezy if you're living in a hot and dry climate like Mereen.

Even though Sansa's Maleficent dress is also iconic and memorable, feathers may be a little hard to work into your everyday outfits. Missandei/Dany/Shae-inspired halters are wearable, perfect for summer, and bonus — super on-trend right now!

Image: HBO

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