Until 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Premieres, Try These Ideas to Satisfy Your Zombie Needs

Faithful followers of The Walking Dead are surely feeling mixed emotions during this trying, zombie-less time. They're upset that they can't get their weekly dose of walkers, but relieved that the show has been renewed for a fifth season. I'm sure fans are still reeling from the realization that not one character died in the Season 4 finale and left wondering what will happen when The Walking Dead returns with Season 5 in October. Never fear, members of the horde! There are plenty of new and unusual things to do in the world of zombies this summer and you can easily replace your Walking Dead withdrawals with a new undead obsession.

We all know the classic zombie movies: Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, 28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later, and Zombieland. So why not branch out beyond the canon of zombiepocalypse to some new games, TV shows, comics, and music? Although some of these may be known to die-hard zombiphiles, surely one or two of this summer's newer zombie offerings will catch you off guard. Even Questlove and Penn & Teller have gotten in on the fun. Well, not together. That would be weird.

Here's what you can do to survive the no-zombiepocalype:

Watch The Roots' New Video for "Never"

TheRootsVEVO on YouTube

The Roots' latest album, ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, is even more conceptual than their previous efforts and it occasionally pushes from complex to incomprehensible. But their latest music video for "Never" makes one of the tracks from the album much more approachable, by turning it into a surreal post-apocalyptic zombie world. Watch if you'd love to see Rick Grimes reimagined as a sensitive civilian with a killer afro.

Admire BBC's In The Flesh

BBC on YouTube

Almost in response to The Walking Dead, the BBC has created a series that is completely sympathetic with zombies. The series focuses on Kieran Walker, who is undead, gay, and ostracized for both. His fellow sufferers of Partially Dead Syndrome have found a way to stop eating brains (well, mostly), but they are still cast out by a society afraid to face their reanimated dead.

Be Amazed by Penn's Zombie Shorts

ghostworksllc on YouTube

Penn of Penn & Teller has made a few different zombie shorts, and they all feature him TALKING. The zombies are great too, but the talking will both amaze and mystify the senses.

Play Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2

VE3TRO on YouTube

These may not be the newest zombie games out there, but they boast some of the best cooperative-shooter play around. Made by the always-golden Valve, these throwback games are ready to be played and re-played until your precious walkers come back to the small screen.

Read The Walking Dead comics

True horde members have undoubtedly already read the comics, but if you are a casual watcher or first-time comics reader, you should give the original The Walking Dead a shot. You can relive some of the similar plot points, and watch your favorite characters survive much longer than they do on the show. You might even meet a new favorite character the small screen left out.

Images: AMC; Dark Horse Comics