Angelina Jolie Makes More Money Than You, Says Forbes

Poor Angelina Jolie. She's had a quiet year. Not a movie to speak of under her metaphorical release belt this year — a kiss of death for some actresses struggling to stay on top. But see, Jolie has managed to overcome all that and simultaneously bump Kristen Stewart off Forbes' list of highest paid actresses this year thanks to her impressive pull of $33 million.

But how is that possible? Especially given the fact that Jolie spent much of her year out of the spotlight while she underwent a double mastectomy? Well, it's because when Jolie does make a film — like, for example, the upcoming Disney feature Maleficent — homegirl gets paid. Majorly. Jolie is one of the few actresses who can ask for and also receive paychecks upwards of $15 million per film. Add onto that the work she did with her Bosnian war film, In The Land of Blood and Honey and, well, you can sort of see how these things just kind of... add up quickly.

But the top of the mount isn't so lonely — and Forbes knows everybody needs friends and a feeling of sameness, so fret not for Jolie. She's surrounded by a whole bunch of other famous people who make a lot of money. Thankfully, Forbes has compiled many a list of richie rich people, so that the rest of us plebes may feel solace knowing that Jolie is not alone in her monstrous wealth.

Indeed, if she's looking for someone to commiserate with, she need only look so far as Jennifer Lawrence, who came in at No. 2 on the list this year with $26 million or Robert Downey, Jr., who took top honors on both the actors' side (with $75 million) and overall top earner at the box office ($1.5 billion). But it isn't just three's company 'round these parts, oh no; Forbes has compiled enough of these lists to populate quite the garden party. Jolie could also hang out with Lady Gaga (highest earning celebrity under 30, $80 million) or Sean "Diddy" Combs (wealthiest hip hop artist, $580 million). Perhaps Jolie and husband-to-be Brad Pitt could repair the relationship of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who nabbed the honor of being the highest-earning onscreen romantic couple for all those damned Twilight movies with $1.17 billion. Double date night! But who'll pick up the check?

Of course if Jolie wants to stimulate her mind rather than her money, she need look no further than fellow Forbes-approved famous people, the influentially-bounded Oprah or Tim Tebow, who were dubbed the most influential celebrities (Oprah overall, Tebow on the sports front). Or if she's feeling charitable, she can pal around with Cameron Diaz (The Hollywood Reporter's pick for top earning woman over 40). So dry your eyes, sirs and madams, because ole Angie-Jo will most assuredly be sitting at the cool kids table at lunch. At least this week.