'SYTYCD': Watch out for Jordan Epstein

Three weeks into the audition rounds of So You Think You Can Dance season 11, we've already seen some remarkable highs and lows. On Wednesday, we visited Philadelphia, Boston, and New York among other cities to add to that ledger.

In Boston, we met Jordan Epstein, a 24 year old dancer who hoped to express through dance just what the challenges of her brother's drug addiction had wrought on her, and on her family. Now it's hard enough to write a blog post about that sort of thing, let alone dance it out, but Epstein managed to paint some kind of picture on stage -- one of tremendous grace, but teetering always on the edge between control and chaos.

Ballet seemed to be the dominant form she drew form, lots of soft but precise toe points as she twirled around the stage. Still, it was the flexibility -- almost Gumby-ness -- of her legs that really made the performance sort of remarkable. In every second of the dance, Epstein's legs were moving: across the floor, in the air, sliding and contorting and all exactly as she had planned.

The presentational quality of her dance was all there, too, epitomized by the eye contact she maintained with Nigel et al throughout. Whether moving quickly or slowly, you could tell that every moment of the ballet-fusion dance had been mapped out with enthusiasm.

The result? Straight on through to Los Angeles, and the next post-choreography round of competition. "I've been waiting for someone like you," said Mary. "The master of control. You were telling a story up there."

We look forward to seeing the next chapter unfold!

Image: FOX