He Hates Justin Bieber, Too

Leonardo DiCaprio is pretty famous for keeping his personal life on the DL, and perhaps he'll do so until he wins an Oscar (JK! Sort of). But here's one thing that we've learned about the private actor: Leonardo DiCaprio has snubbed Justin Bieber. Leo is a high class kinda dude — even if he is the former bandleader of the notorious Pussy Posse — and Bieber, baptism or no baptism, is not.

Okay, so we already know that DiCaprio hates lowbrow tabloid stars, like the Kardashians — he reportedly refused to enter a party where Keeping Up with The Kardashians was filming. Now, Bieber supposedly wanted to party with Leo, and Leo was all, "Hell, no."

Uproxx points out that the original source that reported this tidbit of info is Star, which is notorious for making up sources, but Uproxx also points out that other reputable sources have said that "Yeah, Bieber and Leo were at the same party."

After all, nothing says "this happened" quite like photos, right? There have been pictures posted around the Internet because Leo plus Bieber equals a howling cry from the Internet.

Bottom line, Leo and Bieber were at the same party on the same night. Leo definitely said "no thanks" to Bieber, who, by the way, was not wearing a shirt, as Justin Bieber does.

Leonardo DiCaprio, keep continuing to epitomize classiness. We salute you for saying "no" to Bieber.