Zac Efron Has a Surprising New Skill

We still haven't found out whether or not it's true that Zac Efron is dating Halston Sage, at least not from the man himself, but if it is true and those abs are off the market then that's thankfully not the last we're going to see of them. Efron is doing something very unique for a mysterious charity that is soon to be revealed — and, okay, his shirtlessness has nothing to do with it. Instead, Zac Efron is making skateboards for a cause, but no one can deny that he doesn't understand the basics of market appeal.

Thanks to Neighbors and all of the promotional material leading up to Neighbors, the world fell in love with Zac Efron. And his abs. And his biceps. And his face. While Neighbors was exactly as hilarious and raunchy as promised, half the audience didn't feel that they were getting their money's worth until Efron took his shirt off. Thankfully, that happened many, many times over the course of the film and also when Rita Ora ripped Efron's shirt off at the MTV Movie Awards. Efron knows what the people want and what the people want is for him to stop wearing shirts.

In the middle of the night, or early Thursday morning, Efron tweeted a picture of himself shirtless with the caption, "My friend taught me how to make skateboards. Stay tuned to find out how you can win one & help an incredible charity." It was at that point that all of his followers managed to drag their eyes down from the scattered hair on his chest to see that he is, in fact, assembling a skateboard in the photograph.

In case you miss it the first couple of times you look at the picture, the skateboard-to-be is the white thing underneath Efron's hands. He has yet to announce to the world what the "incredible charity" he's making skateboards for is called, but he's definitely got everyone's attention. Considering the season and the nature of his ad campaign, it might have been logical for him to be making surfboards for charity. Then again, I am not going to try to add logic to any situation that involves Zac Efron willingly taking his shirt off.