What's Messi's Relationship Status?

The 2014 FIFA World Cup raises a lot of questions: Who's going to win it all? Will the U.S. even make it past the first round? Omg, which team is which? They're both wearing blue and I can't tell! It also raises other questions, like why is that guy so good soccer and does he have a girlfriend? Hey, sometimes ya just gotta know these things. We've all been bitten by the Google bug before, and it's totally acceptable. For this reason, today we bring you: Does Lionel Messi have a girlfriend? Yes! The Argentinian soccer star is dating Antonella Roccuzzo, and she and Messi might be married, but the information is iffy. Those soccer players! So elusive!

In December 2013, the Daily Mail ran an article about Messi and Roccuzzo in which she was referred to as his wife. In a February 2014 piece, she was back to being his girlfriend. In addition, Emrates 24/7 reported in June 2014 that the couple has been engaged for three years.

There isn't a clear answer here, but whether they're married or not, these two seem to have a very solid relationship. They've been together since 2008 and have an adorable son together, Thiago, who was born in 2012. Even though they've been together for six years, the couple actually met much longer ago than that. Messi and Roccuzzo met as children because they're from the same city, Rosario, Argentina, and Roccuzzo is his best friend's cousin.

As if that story wasn't enough to melt your heart into a big pile of nothingness, they post pictures of their little family on Instagram all the time and they're unbelievable cute.

Ahhh! Too much happiness! My EYES!!!!!

Images: Antonella Roccuzzo/Instagram; Lionel Messi/Instagram