Lea Michele's Boyfriend Matthew Paetz Isn't a Gigilo Afterall But That's Not the End of It

Life imitated art a little bit this week when it came out that Glee star Lea Michele's new boyfriend Matthew Paetz might be spending his non-Lea-Michele time working as a gigolo. Considering that 1) that storyline literally happened on Glee last season, 2) that's a gig that has every opportunity to be super sketch, and 3) gigolo is just a delightful word to say and read, the story kinda blew up. Michele, reportedly (and predictably), was not pleased.

According to TMZ (so, grain of salt), though, Paetz explained away his actions to Michele. Here's what TMZ says he said:

We're told Matthew copped to going on a few dates with female clients ... but told Lea he only did it as research — so he could understand what the gigolos go through and coach them through it.

'K. We're not entirely convinced we're not caught in an old episode of Glee right now, so we're not sure how to respond to that. Could it be true? Sure, we guess? Could it be complete bullcrap? Yes, yes indeed it could. They have reportedly not broken up yet, though, so either Michele believed him or she's just not as bothered by all of this as the rest of the world seems to expect her to be.

If you need some dramatic break-up scene, though, let us direct you to last season: