Lea Michele's New Boyfriend is a Gigolo?

by Kaitlin Reilly

Is Lea Michele taking relationship cues from Rachel Berry? TMZ reports that Lea Michele is allegedly dating Matthew Paetz. A source told the site that Matthew has worked for Cowboys4Angels — a website that connects lonely women with male companionship... for a price. According to TMZ, Matthew has previously worked for Cowboys4Angels under the alias Christian, though took a "hiatus" when he began dating Lea.

A gigolo boyfriend? I bet Lea's character, Rachel, could totally relate. Back in Rachel's NYADA days (you know, before she became a Broadway star) Rachel was dating classmate Brody. Apparently, it wasn't only the viewers who thought that Brody was the hottest guy ever, because Brody's part-time job was as an, uh, "escort" to wealthy ladies. Unlike Matthew, Brody kept up his double life, which led to Rachel dumping him.

If Lea really is dating a gigolo (Bustle reached out to Lea's publicist for a comment, but has not yet heard back), then she might as well be trolling us — between this news and the alleged on-set fight between her and Naya Rivera, which oh-so-closely mirrored the one between their characters, it's like she's just recreating the show's storylines in real life. It's getting a little scary.

Then there's the whole issue of Lea dating someone new, just shy of a year after boyfriend Cory Monteith's death. Remember the backlash Lea received after she released her video for "On My Way?" People weren't happy that Lea was even pretending to date — if she goes public with Matthew, not everyone will accept this new relationship. Given that "Monchele" had a ton of shippers, not all of Lea's fans will be happy to see her moving on — and some will consider it an insult to Cory's memory.

Should Lea care about any of that? Absolutely not. Lea's clearly had a tough year with the loss of Cory, and she deserves to be as happy as possible after dealing with a difficult situation... no matter what her new guy did for a living.

Image: myboyfriendwontmarryme/tumblr