'Game of Thrones' Hodor Plays 'Family Feud' & You Know How This One Goes — VIDEO

You can certainly guess the predictable fate for Hodor when he appears on Family Feud in this very funny sketch from Jimmy Kmmel Live, but it's worth the watch, anyway. The lovable giant on Game of Thrones with a very limited vocabulary has unfortunate, albeit hilarious, results on the game show, considering the fact that the only word he can say is "Hodor." (You might not know it, but actor Kristian Nairn has mentioned that there are 70 different ways of saying "Hodor." He might have been saying the answer! Take that, Family Feud.)

While we're on the topic of Hodor, it's worth it to ask if we'll see him again in Sunday's Season 4 finale. The last time we saw him, Bran warged his way into Hodor's brain and killed the cruel, hand-chopping Locke. Perhaps it was a "thanks, buddy" for carrying him around for the past few seasons. Either way, it left Hodor bloodied and confounded, muttering, well, "Hodor." It's likely we'll get a glimpse of him in the finale, and we certainly should, given that it's going to an extra long episode at 66 minutes.

Anyway, check out the video. And fun fact — the Family Feud footage is taken from one of the most cringe-inducing Family Feud episodes that ever happened, so everyone's reactions are totally legit. You know exactly what I have to say to that.

(Answer: Hodor.)


Image: Youtube