Pink's Nude Cover for 'Who Magazine' is Incredible, as Are Her Views About Body Positivity

I'm not a huge fan of Pink's music, TBH, but I love her as a person because she is an amazing role model and, admittedly, very talented. Her latest move — posing nude for Australia's Who Magazine — has made me like her even more.

The cover is really refreshing. Pink is totally naked, but not in an "appealing to the male gaze" way. In a feminist, owning her body way. She looks sexy, yes, but also relaxed and comfortable. Pink doesn't even direct her eyes (or her boobs) at the viewer in typical come-hither fashion. Instead, she sits with her knees drawn up to her chest with a cheeky, smiley expression on her face. All of her tattoos are visible, which is pretty big considering how gun-shy American magazines are about showing ink, and since Pink's body is pretty flawless to begin with, she hasn't been overly Photoshopped. WIN.

American magazines: Sit up and pay attention. This is how you should depict women on your covers. Pink looks gorgeous and even sexual (gasp) but it's all on her terms, like a private moment captured for us to see. What's more, the Pink quote promoting her interview is spot on: "I'd rather be strong than bony." Now, there are plenty of healthy women who are bony. There is nothing wrong with being bony. But non-bony women don't have enough positive role models in the public eye and so I stand by the sentiment.

Here's the line in the context of the interview:

Instead of thinking, ‘Am I skinny?’ I grew up thinking, ‘Am I fast enough? How can I use my body?’ I’m a person who could always lose a couple here and there but I would rather be strong than bony. [My 3-year-old daughter] said to me the other day, ‘Mama, on Tuesday I think we should get naked and have a naked booby butt dance party.’ I was like, ‘I’m in!’

Now doesn't that sound like a fun mother-daughter-duo? I'm psyched that Pink seems to be passing her body-positive outlook on to her offspring. Maybe if more little girls had naked booby butt dance parties with their moms growing up our culture wouldn't be steeped in so much shame over nudity and bodies and sex and (horror of horrors) fat. Wouldn't that be a nice change of pace?