Don't Miss a Second of 'The Fosters'

by Kaitlin Reilly

Get ready for one seriously intense summer, folks — The Fosters is coming back. Last year's new family drama The Fosters returns for Season 2 on June 16, and from what the second season's previews tell us, we haven't left all of the juicy drama behind in the first season. The Foster family is in for one intense ride in the second season — the second season promises the return of Callie's biological father (played by Dawson's Creek 's Kerr Smith), the effects of Brandon's hand injury on his piano playing, and Mariana as a blonde. (Okay, the last one is more "huh," then "oh my God," but still — drama.)

The "Fosters" refers to the last name of Stef Foster — one of the mothers in a family that, yes, has fostered kids in the past. When we meet Stef and her partner Lena Adams, the family has three children — Stef's biological son Brandon and Jesus and Mariana, twin foster children whom Stef and Lena adopted years ago. In the pilot episode, the Fosters take in 16-year-old Callie and her young brother, Jude, after discovering that Jude and Callie's previous foster father was abusive. Despite Callie's trust issues, she grows to accept the love and generosity from her new "Foster" family.

Interested in tuning into The Fosters, but missed the show live? Don't worry — there are a few ways you can watch the show online.

Shell Out Some Cash

The Fosters is available the next day on iTunes for a price of $1.99 SD and $2.99 HD. For $24.99 SD and $34.99 HD you can purchase the entirety of Season 1, which includes all 21 episodes. (That comes out to roughly $1.19 per episode for SD and $1.66 per episode for HD.) The benefit of purchasing The Fosters is that you can take the show with you on the go via your iPhone or iPod, which means that you can catch up with Callie during your commute to work. (Assuming you take public transit, of course.)

Amazon is another way to purchase The Fosters — the price point is the same as iTunes, and you can also take it to go on one of its many supported devices like most smartphones or the Kindle Fire.

Stream it On Hulu

Lucky you! You can watch The Fosters the next day on Hulu for free. One downside of Hulu? You won't be able to stream the videos to your TV or your phone. If you upgrade to HuluPlus for a cost of $7.99 per month, you can currently binge watch the entirety of Season 1 all over again. Unlike streaming site Netflix, however, your binge-watching will still be broken up by commercials.

Head to ABC Family's Site

If you have ABC Family via your cable provider, you can use ABC Family's site to watch The Fosters . If you're away from your TV (but want to watch the show) you can even use the site to stream it live — how awesome is that?

The best way to watch The Fosters? Live, of course. Tune into ABC Family on June 16 at 9 PM for the Season 2 premiere.

Images: ABC Family;thewaysitusedt0be/tumblr; lizsutton/tumblr; miamitch/tumblr (2)