'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' With Kristen Wiig & Serious Ben Stiller Looks Awesome

It takes a lot of goodness to get us on board with yet another remake popping up in Hollywood, but the new trailer for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has us pretty freaking excited, and that might surprise some people, when you look at the basic facts of the trailer: there's largely no dialogue, and we only get the teensiest of glimpses into the cast of characters which include Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Sean Penn, and Shirley MacLaine (to say nothing of the film's star, Ben Stiller).

And yet the visual and aural aerobics do more than simply move the trailer along, they set a scene that's engrossing yet separate enough from the original film's story (which was done in 1947, as opposed to the ten-or-so-year turnaround it feels like Hollywood is keen on in the remake department) to make it feel completely original.

Walter Mitty tells the tale of the aforementioned man struggling to live in the real world rather than the daydreams he so often finds himself existing in vicariously. Things take a turn for the fantastical, though, when those dream adventures are trumped by a necessity for real-life heroics.

One thing is for certain: we're ready for Wiig to have another hit on her hands. And hey: serious Ben Stiller is the sort of thing we should all get behind more often.