'Southern Charm's Shep Rose Explains Thomas Ravenel's Season 2 Intentions ... Kinda

The Southern Charm Season 2 Thomas Ravenel mystery continues: Friday morning, Southern Charmer Shep Rose went on Charleston radio show Box & Kelly In The Morning, and co-host Kelly Bazzle asked him about T-Rav’s tweet. The tweet that sent me into a tizzy. The tweet in which T-Rav declared he is done with Southern Charm .*

*Before we dig into the T-Rav tweet, let us get something out of the way: Rose doesn't know if the show will be renewed, but did say he is "optimistic." HNNNNGH.

So, what did Rose say about the tweet? Has T-Rav really bid Southern Charm adieu? (Well, I'll be! Looks like you aren't the only one taking French lessons, T-Rav.) What does the tweet mean, Sheppy?!?!

No, T-Rav, I think was, uh, sort of… I hear he was frustrated because a few of us didn’t RSVP soon enough for his christening this Sunday, so he was a little miffed at us … He lashed out a little bit. We’ll see, we’ll see.

Naturally, I have a few questions:

  • Lashing out? A case of T-Rav tweet-Rav T-rage?
  • If he was lashing out, was this his way of quitting the show? Was the RSVP debacle really the last straw?
  • OR! Was it an empty, in-the-heat-of-the-moment threat? Has he since cooled down?
  • "We'll see, we'll see," huh? Sounds like some more optimism from ol' Sheppy. Perhaps the T-Rav/SC door isn't totally shut?
  • But wait. What about what he told The Charleston City Paper last Tuesday? Could that've been more lashing out from T-Rav?!?! Or was he ever actually lashing out in the first place?!?!
  • Is the cast pulling a prank on us?

Eh, Rose says he doesn't know. After the interview hit the Internet, Rose clarified that he was not suggesting that T-Rav's tweet was BS:

And that he can't read T-Rav's mind:

To recap: We don't know if the show was renewed, we don't know if T-Rav is donezo, but we do know that Kensington's christening is an event not to be trifled with. RSVP, you turds.

Image: Bravo