'Southern Charm' Season 2 Won't Star Thomas Ravenel & We Think We Know Why

It's been over a month since Southern Charm Season 1 ended, and show's fate is still up in the air. And yes, I'm still bugging out over whether or not the reality show will ride again, or if it burned too brightly and too fast, a la Princesses: Long Island. That being said, I cling to every scrap of SC info that hits the Internet, hoping to stumble upon a clue. Last Wednesday, Thomas Ravenel tweeted what he knows: he doesn’t know if the Bravo reality show will get a much-deserved second season. Oh. Well. Uh... no news is good news, right? OR SO I THOUGHT. Monday evening, he hit us with a part two. He threw a tweet-bomb into the Twittersphere, and Southern Charm fans were left to pick up the pieces: Ravenel says if there is a second season, he will not be a part of it.

So while we still have zero idea as to whether or not Season 2 will happen (HNNNNNNGH), we do know that Thomas “Glass Menagerie” Ravenel is done with Southern Charm. No. No no no no no. I'm not ready for a T-Rav-less Southern Charm. I won't have it.


Does this mean Kathryn Dennis and Kensington are done, too?! What about the rumor that Kathryn will be a main cast member in Season 2?! Oh, you best believe I am CLUTCHING onto that rumor. Will Kathryn and Kensie be featured on the show without T-Rav?! Will T-Rav's face be censored? Will his voice be doctored?! Will we see an amorphous blur lurk around in the background of scenes, dabbing Kensie's spit up off of fuzzy polo shirts?

Why, oh why is T-Rav through? I have a few guesses. I hope that's cool by you:

He could be running for office

I've never tried to balance a reality TV career with a political career, but I imagine it is complicated. He might've felt that he had to choose one or the other.

T-Rav, Kathryn, and Kensington could want some privacy

Sure, the early stages of their relationship were featured prominently throughout Season 1, but they might've decided that they want some space now. You know, some sans-camera time to be a new family.

He could be done partying

During the reunion, T-Rav said watching himself get shwasted on the show inspired him to cut back on the shwasteding. Do you know what the Southern Charm cast does? They get SHWASTED. Maybe T-Rav was like, "Eh, I need to take a chill pill, and being on SC is the opposite of taking a chill pill."

He could want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show

Again, I've never been on a reality show, but I would think watching yourself is like listening to your own outgoing voicemail message x 1,000,000. T-Rav might really like watching Southern Charm (duh, it's terrific television), but watching himself on Southern Charm might take some of the fun out of it. I know if I was on the show, I'd constantly be like, "Why do I laugh like that? I have to stop laughing like that" and "Why did I buy those jeans? Those jeans are the worst" and "Wait, do I really make that face every time I open up the fridge?"

...I realize I am a horribly anxious person.

There could be a SPINOFF


He could be pulling our legs

Or! As Craig Conover suspects, someone might've hacked into his account:

Did Kensie and Patricia Altschul tweet from T-Rav's Twitter account? ARE KENSIE AND QUEEN PATRICIA PRANKIN' US?!

Ugh. Whatever his reason for leaving SC may be, it saddens me that we will probably never get The Glass T-Rav Menagerie, Part 2.

Image: Bravo