When Will 'Louie' Season 5 Start? That Depends on Whether It Actually Happens

Season 4 of Louis C.K.'s FX series has been pretty fantastic, as expected. But Louie' s fourth season finale airs Monday night, and it feels like it's ending too soon. It seems like Season 4 just started, but already we're forced to wonder about Season 5 and when Louie will return. Sadly, at this moment, we have no idea.

The show has been on a creative high throughout its fourth season. There are less one-off episodes featuring Louie and his seemingly random musings on life, instead treating us to some great miniseries-like arcs with new characters that break into new territory for the comedian. But somehow, despite all of this invigoration for the show, FX still haven't given us any information about a possible Season 5. Even though Louie is a critically acclaimed series whose fourth season premiered to higher than normal numbers in the ratings, the show's network has kept mum on its future.

FX would most likely want to bring the show back season after season, but considering the long hiatus between Season 3 and Season 4, it seems like the person who is really calling all the shots about the series' future is Louis C.K. himself and no one else.

The hiatus happened because C.K. needed to take a break and, as he told reporters back when he announced the hiatus, "charge his creative batteries." The decision was an easy one for FX President John Landgraf to swallow because he also wanted Louie to have as much time as he needed to express his creativity with the show in the best possible way. For Landgraf, it was never about forcing Louie or C.K. himself to adhere to a particular network business model.

Here's the deal, C.K. That all sounds fine and while we all appreciate you wanting to make the best show you possibly can, audiences are still desperate for the series. We just need more Louie. It's clear that C.K. knows this, as he threw in an extra episode in Season 4 just as a thank you to his fans for waiting for 19 months for the show's return. My main worry is that this season might be its last and if C.K. does decide to end the show here, it could be a polarizing move among his fans.

We waited so long to get a fourth season that ending the run after just those fourteen episodes and nothing else would probably feel like a letdown to many viewers. Or maybe others will see the fourth season as C.K. thanking them for staying loyal to him and his show. Or perhaps this is all just complete nonsense and FX will announce Season 5 of Louie in the next few days. But until we get an official answer, I know myself and many fellow fans will continue to agonize over the future of our beloved show.

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