Workout Like the 'Real Housewives' At Tamra's Gym

Given all of the of the latest casting additions, Season 3 Real Housewives of Orange County transplant Tamra Judge (née Barney) is no longer the "new girl" behind the gates. Tamra is a seasoned familiar face in the Coto de Caza gang and even had her own spinoff miniseries with last fall's Tamra's OC Wedding . So it's safe to say that for fans of the franchise, a Tamra Judge endorsement means a thing or two (as opposed to say, any philosophy espoused by the Shannon Beadors of the world). Naturally we were excited about her new business, a gym dubbed CUT fitness, and had to know everything about Tamra's gym.

It isn't some slapdash work of a bored reality star. Boasting a slick website, Tamra has clearly put a lot into the new project, (and hired people who are good at what they do). That's why we dug a little bit deeper to find out the ins and outs of the fitness club, should you be bitten by a Bravo-loving health bug, (don't forget your "sweatiquette!").

Here's everything you need to know about Tamra's new CUT Fitness venture, so you can work out like a reality star—which we assume consists of getting one arm strong enough for improved wine throwing.

1. It's A Co-Venture with Her New Hubby

Visit their 'About' page and you'll note that Tamra's co-founder is fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur, and Tamra's own spouse Eddie Judge.

2. It's A Hop, Skip, And a Jump Away (For OC Residents)

If you ever find yourself in So Cal, and further still in the upscale suburbs of Orange County, the gym is located in Rancho Santa Margarita, a neighboring commercial district of Coto de Caza, the community in which the housewives reside.

3. They Want to Hit You with Their Best Shot

If you're not scared off by High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), CUT has got the regimen for you. They boast certified trainers in the Les Mils GRIT system, which seems both awesome and terrifying.

4. The Membership Fee Isn't Too Bad

...if you actually plan on using it and are a fitness enthusiast yourself. A 30-day unlimited membership will run you just under $150 or $125 if you spring for a recurring payment. New members get a sweet $50 rate, and you can even drop in for a day for $25 if you're rolling into town for a trip or visit.

5. It's Family and Newbie Friendly

Their services detail a lot of perks and policies, but the one that caught our eye is that they welcome children to come and interact in a playful environment while learning about health, which is great for parents trying to balance their fitness goals alongside everything else. They also welcome everyone from "reformed couch potatoes," as they call them, to those struggling with age-related difficulties, promising to create modifications and regimens to fit every level of ability. A gym that gets rid of the embarrassment of trying to keep up with Olympic level athletes? Sign us up for sure.

Images: allrealhousewives/Tumblr, angeliciousex/Tumblr, roryroselyn