Babies Named After Wu-Tang Clan Members

by Kenya Foy

So far this year, we've seen fans of the Wu-Tang clan go to extreme lengths to demonstrate their love for the veteran hip hop group, like the person who offered $5 million for a single copy of Wu-Tang's album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. More recently, the Wu adoration soared to new heights when a family named their twin baby boys Raekwon and Ghostface, after two of the group's members.

Oh, boy. The Wu-Tang twins definitely have my deepest sympathy, particularly baby Ghostface. Let's hope a concerned relative quickly suggests a nickname intervention. On the bright side, a quick glance at the names of the rest of the clan reveals that the twins' names could've been a lot worse.

For starters, Ghostface got off easy, simply due to the fact that the parents didn't go all the way out with their Wu-Tang fandom by naming him Ghostface Killah. That very monumental decision earns mom and dad a smidgen of gratitude. And compared to the rest of the Wu-Tang clan, Raekwon also fared pretty well. I'd venture to say this situation would be infinitely worse had they chosen Method Man instead. Their remaining options weren't much better. There's Masta Killa (yikes), GZA, RZA (which actually isn't half-bad as far as Wu-Tang names go), Inspectah Deck and the infamous Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Raekwon (not the baby) brought attention to the newborns with the Wu-inspired names in an Instagram post that shows the babies full names as Raekwon and Ghostface Lieberman. Naturally, Raekwon expressed appreciation for the gesture in an Instagram post that contained a photo of two birth certificates and a pair of sleeping infants in the background.

It's really cool that the parents are such huge Wu-Tang fans. Perhaps they thought this would grab the attention of Wu-Tang, in which case, mission accomplished. Maybe they thought the names would give the twins a head start at successful rap careers. In the end, they're just names, but when baby Ghostface questions the origin of his name, these parents will definitely have some explaining to do.

Image: Instagram/raekwon