Twitter Demands To See 'GoT's Lady Stoneheart

by Keertana Sastry

Alright Game Of Thrones you got me. You got us all. The Season 4 finale aired Sunday night with quite a few exciting and confusing moments and one major disappointment in the lack of Lady Stoneheart in the Season 4 finale. Still, we saw Bran and the Reeds, along with Hodor, finally made it to the weirwood tree and the three-eyed crow and met with a tragedy. Game of Thrones' beloved Tyrion escaped his death sentence and escaped from King's Landing, yet somehow in the midst of all the secrecy, he found time to kill his former lover Shae and his father Tywin. And Arya left The Hound to die after he was fatally wounded by Brienne of Tarth. But it still wasn't enough.

That much action would be satisfactory for most fans — excuse me, most non-book readers — to be frustratingly satisfied until the start of Season 5, which sadly is still about 10 months away. But apparently the anger is real: fans have taken to Twitter to express their outrage at the lack of a certain reemergence of a character that was killed in one of the worst scenes in Game Of Thrones history.

Major spoilers lay ahead.

The mother of most of the Stark children, Catelyn Stark, is supposed to be back in the land of the Seven Kingdoms. That's right, she may have died in the Red Wedding, the scene that still scars me to this day (I'll miss you forever Robb Stark), but she is resurrected. In the George R.R. Martin novels, Catelyn is resurrected three days after the Red Wedding without the ability to speak due to her death caused by the slitting of her throat, and she becomes obsessed with revenge because of the betrayal of the Frey's from the Red Wedding and the murder of family members. For this reason she goes by a new name: Lady Stoneheart.

Most people, including many media outlets and Game of Thrones theorizers, believed Lady Stoneheart would appear in the last few scenes of the Season 4 finale. But alas, after showing Arya getting on a boat to Braavos, the credits rolled. And people were pissed.

Some fans were just plain confused by the lack of Lady Stoneheart:

Others were furious:

And some made the weirdest analogies for the surprise at the omission:

But some fans who were upset decided to just enjoy the tweets from other diehards rather than rant about it themselves:

Personally, I'm kind of glad they left the reveal for Season 5, but maybe now is not the best time to express that opinion on social media. These people are vicious. But think about it this way, guys: it's one more thing we can look forward to next March, right?

Images: HBO; Policymic