What's the Real Deal With This Feud?

By Kaitlin Reilly

Another day, another piece of gossip about the alleged feud between two of the stars from Glee. The feud between actresses Naya Rivera and Lea Michele has been brewing for months now, and, according to a source for HollywoodLife, it's not simmering down any time soon. According to them, Naya has slammed Lea's new relationship with Matthew Paetz, an alleged former gigolo for the website Cowboys4Angels. Naya allegedly finds it "hilarious" that Lea is dating a gigolo, as Naya thinks only a guy who got paid for companionship would want to spend any time with Lea.

That's some major shade, and I'm sure it would be absolutely riveting information... if this feud didn't feel so fabricated. We've been hearing reports about Naya and Lea's alleged feud for months now, despite sources at the show — and Lea herself — denying that there is any bad blood whatsoever between the two actresses. Lea took to The Late Show With David Letterman to vent about how "frustrating" it is that the press wants to pit two women against one another, and insisted that the reports of a cat fight were "completely made up." Though Naya's reps have stayed mum about the alleged feud with Lea, we know that the rumors that Naya was fired from Glee were not true, which makes that whole "Lea got Naya fired from the Glee set" a total fabrication.

I think it's funny that stories of the alleged feud are more interesting than almost anything else that these two women have done lately, both personally and professionally. I don't know the truth about this feud, but my suspicions say that any reports of so-called "tension" between the actresses have been greatly exaggerated. Any time something happens to Lea or to Naya, there is an immediate report with a snarky response from the other party. Lea says that these reports are "completely made up," and after reading approximately a hundred reports from anonymous "sources" about the feud, I'm inclined to believe that she's right.

Can't we focus on something else about these two ladies instead? Certainly they're far more talented and interesting outside of their alleged cat fight.

Images: klainesrph/tumblr