We Support Her For Wearing Her Daughter's Clothes

Normally, I wouldn't want to swap clothes with my mother. I don't want her borrowing from my closet and I'm certainly not making a beeline for hers. She is utilitarian when it comes to fashion and dressing, and yes, there are mom jeans with Capri lengths (always a don't!) in there. Really, unless your mom is, oh, I don't know, Victoria Beckham or Gwen Stefani, chances are, you probably aren't all that interested in trading pieces and mixing items from her closet with your own.

However, I am applauding North Carolina mom Amy Redwine. She was so incensed at how officials at her daughter Violet Burkhart's high school handled what they deemed a dress code violation that she wore the "offending" frock for the school's official graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 14.

Burkhart had donned a cute, summery dress to her last day of senior year at Central Davidson High School. The teen thought it was a special dress and she wanted to cap off her high school career and mark the occasion with an adorably perfect outfit. It was a fairly innocuous piece, with a floral print bottom that hit just above the knee, a high-on-the-hip belt, and a skinny strap tank. Not exactly Lady Of The Night material.

Then, teachers got involved. According to reports, they actually measured her hem in the hallway, said it was a half-inch too short and told a tearful Burkhart to go home and change. So, yeah, her last day of high school was marred and scarred by this event.

It became an especially big deal since Burkhart had worn the dress to school before, at least five times by her mother's estimation, without any problems. The dress code wasn't was not what bugged Amy Redwine; it was the way it was handled is what set her off, humiliating her daughter in front of her peers. So, instead of making angry phone calls, she showed her support and solidarity with her daughter by wearing it herself to Burkhart's graduation ceremony.

We get what Redwine was putting down – if the dress was appropriate for her to wear to a major life event for her child, then it was totally fine for Violet to wear it, as well.

And you know what? She looked great. You might scratch your head at a mom prancing around in a dress that was clearly meant for a teenager but Redwine wore it well. She accessorized it not with a chunky statement necklace or stacks of bracelets or strappy heels but with a mama bear's love for her cub and tons of confidence.

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