Shonda Rhimes' New Movie Is Something We Can Totally Get Behind

Just when you thought total television domination was enough, she goes ahead and secures herself a feature film deal with Columbia Pictures. Shonda Rhimes' screenplay War Correspondents is about to come to life, and if her women of war time have half as much gumption as Olivia Pope, we're in for a real good time, y'all.

And in true Rhimes fashion, it sounds fascinating and female-fronted: two things we're strongly for there being more of in Hollywood. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the creative magnate has booked a deal that will see her working alongside her longtime collaborators Betsy Beers and Mark Gordon.

The big screen is nothing new for Rhimes who got her start in the industry by penning Crossroads and Princess Diaries 2. What is new, however, is the subject matter: female television correspondents reporting in a time of war. No doubt a sweeping idea, made all the more real by the recent tragedies that have befallen many of the female reporters behind enemy lines in recent years.

The story is a bit of a passion project for Rhimes, who has had the idea churning around since before her breakout megahit, Grey's Anatomy, and current juggernaut Scandal. Back in May, Rhimes hinted that the project was close to being resurrected in a New York Times story, thanks to her prolific ability to see a void and then fill it. If anyone can give us sassy, complicated, ass-kicking women taking names in the political game that is war anything, it's Rhimes. Color us excited.