Model Sports 'Frozen'-Inspired Tattoo On the Runway, Maybe It's Finally Time to Let it Go?

Frozen has already taken over most of the world, from YouTube parodies to toys. You may have thought we'd reached the height when The Disney Store limited customers to two Frozen items per visit, but no... Frozen has scaled a new mountain by penetrating the impenetrable world of high fashion. Anna Wintour be damned!

A model was spotted by New York Times style reporter Matthew Schneier sporting a bicep tattoo that is almost certainly inspired by the icy animated movie. The ink says "Idina," as in Menzel, the singing voice of Elsa responsible for "Let it Go," spelled out in unmistakable Disney font. The sweet tat was prominently displayed during a runway show, during which the model wore a black cable knit tank top (worthy of a whole other article, if you ask me). Schneier tweeted a photo with the caption "Spotted on model: "Idina" tattoo in Disney font. Has "Frozen" penetrated the catwalk ranks?"

So, it seems, Frozen has officially arrived in high-fashion circles. I won't say I'm surprised that a model has embraced the power of Idina Menzel, but as someone who actually thinks the movie is overrated (wait, don't shoot!), I'm not exactly thrilled about the development either. As one savvy Twitter-er commented, "oh man. let... it... go."