Man Inserts Himself in Britney Spears' "Work Bitch" Video & It's Disturbingly Awesome — VIDEO

Have you ever had that fleeting thought of, "gee, I want to be Britney Spears?" I once did, but this was back in 2000, at which point I decided to just learn the "...Oops! I Did It Again" choreography. This man, however, is committed. Gal Volinez superimposed himself into a Britney Spears video, but decided to eschew any fancy camera or Final Cut Pro editing tricks. Volinez is edited into the video with a rectangle box. And for some bizarre reason that probably just boils down to, "holy crap, this is the Internet," you will find yourself watching all of Volinez and his rectangular, hairy chested self in "Hi Brit," which is his interpretation of "Work, Bitch." Indeed, his rectangle cut out does work, bitch.

In case you were wondering, Volinez is a very devoted Spears fan (not that you needed any further indication, but it's worth mentioning). His Youtube channel is called "Volinez Spears," and it's dedicated to making homages to his favorite pop princess. His earlier video, "Love U Brit," didn't gain quite as much traction as this one is currently gaining, but it's probably attributable to the fact that it didn't star Volinez as he danced in his house, vogue-ing and workin' it.

So if you were ever wondering if your I-wanna-be-like-Britney-but-not-at-all dreams can come true, apparently...they can.

You can watch the video in all of its weird glory below:


Image: Youtube