'Sesame Street' Got A Little Weird

Sesame Street can be subversive at times — after all, it tries to make a kids' show fun for adults to watch, too. In fact, some of Sesame Street's recent bits are worth sharing — anyone remember their rendition of Les Mis , in which Jean Valjean-slash-Cookie Monster learned to share? Or when Jon Hamm showed up? Anyway, Sesame Street is at it again. This time, the folks who write the show's description (the one that shows up when you search your cable's guide) had a little fun when describing what Sesame Street is all about.

Whether the description was written by the powers that be at PBS or someone who works for the cable provider, we'll never know, but it's weird and pretty funny, and perhaps most importantly, it offers an explanation as to how the puppets on Sesame Street can co-exist with humans in this highly unrealistic neighborhood.

Black magic.

Of course that's how humans and puppets can exist! (Also, that explains The Count, too, who may very well have something to do with all of this.)

Whatever the explanation is for this little moment, you've got to hand it to the people writing those show descriptions. Funny stuff. Check it out:

Image: Imgur