Sesame Street's 'Les Mis' Parody Is Hilariously Awesome (And Maybe Better Than The Actual Movie!)

Thought Hugh Jackman was the best Jean Valjean ever and that Anne Hathaway made you cry? Sesame Street 's parody of Les Misérables , Les Mousserables , is quite possibly this week's win of the Internet. (Seriously, Cookie Monster gives Hugh Jackman a run for his money.)

A hilarious parody of the musical that has become well-versed in our popular vernacular ( hellooo , Anne Hathaway's pixie cut circa late 2012!), this kid-friendly lesson in sharing is a real treat for adults, too. Our hero is Frenchman Jean Bon-Bon (get it? Jean Valjean?), played by our favorite thespian, Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster just wants COOKIES. He finds them (because, uh, that's his namesake), but then what about the Anne Hathaway lookalike, Flauntine, who is sad because she doesn't have any cookies? (Like Fantine, who was poor and destitute and going through a hooker phase?) She sings, "I dreamed a dream of creme gone by!"

Epining (a spin on Eponine), is sad, too, because she doesn't have any cookies. She sings, "on my own...wishing I had cookies!" Jean Bon-Bon leads a revolution ("do you hear the cookies crunch?") and ultimately, everyone joins together eating delicious cookies, by singing, "one day 'smore!")

The takeaway? Sesame Street has whipped out something entertaining for everyone, that's a play on pop culture that, thanks to the Internet, will surely spread and become even more popular than other videos on the Internet. Moreover, it teaches kids something valuable the importance of self-regulation (hey, I don't need ALL the cookies right now — which is actually a solid adult lesson, too) while entertaining parents as well.

It's SO EFFING GOOD. Ya gotta watch it!

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Image: Sesame Street/Youtube