11 Stylish Male Singers Who Give All the Ladies Wardrobe Envy

Fiona Goodall/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are fashionable dudes, and then there are fashionable dudes who can sing and dance and generally raise hell in front of a packed concert hall while wearing some sort of flamboyant stage outfit. Guess which type of guy I want to be friends with? Not romantic friends, per se; I just want to be able to call up all my favorite male singers and be like, "Listen, Liam, I need some sort of oversized baggy plaid thing that'll make me seem like I legitimately don't give a damn about society while still maintaining my aura of British cool." Or, "Hey Pharrell, I'm having a terrible hair day, so I'm coming over in ten minutes to steal a hat and gossip."

Lead singers get most of the attention, so it's no surprise that they're often the extra-fashionable ones of the bunch. Bellbottoms, scarves, shirtless dance moves, heeled boots, sunglasses welded to their faces, and the tightest of jeans: these are the things that male singers use to set the mood (and overcome the most manic of pre-concert butterflies). While I'm impressed by anyone who can command an entire auditorium of screaming fans, these are the male singers who really make me want to raid their closet.

1. Jimi Hendrix

The Hendrix vibe: If your style can be succinctly described as "crazed gypsy/psychedelic hippie warlock," you've done something very right.

I'm most likely to steal: His fur-trimmed coat of many colors.

2. Mick Jagger

The Jagger vibe: "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing," including everyday style.

I'm most likely to steal: That cropped Rolling Stones top, along with his moves and some subtle lip injections.

3. David Bowie

The Bowie vibe: Androgynous cool can save anything, even years of mullets.

I'm most likely to steal: A pair of his space-age creeper boots.

4. Tom Waits

The Waits vibe: "Tortured alcoholic," while not a great life choice, is actually a pretty compelling fashion look.

I'm most likely to steal: One of his perfectly rumpled white shirts.

5. Pharrell Williams

The Williams vibe: Fashion can be infused with youthful energy at any age.

I'm most likely to steal: His hat collection, duh.

6. Joey Ramone

The Ramone vibe: Bad attitude is everything.

I'm most likely to steal: A pair of his skinniest, tightest, most ripped jeans.

7. Steven Tyler

The Tyler vibe: Always add two more accessories before leaving the house.

I'm most likely to steal: Five of his sparkliest gypsy scarves.

8. Tupac Shakur

The Shakur vibe: Whatever you wear, wear it with swagger.

I'm most likely to steal: The gold suit that he wore down the Versace runway in Milan.

9. Bob Dylan

The Dylan: Dress sly and let your work do the talking.

I'm most likely to steal: His hair products.

10. Adam Ant

The Ant vibe: Never apologize for being a reincarnated Romantic poet.

I'm most likely to steal: One of his perfect navel-officer-turned-pirate jackets.

11. Liam Gallagher

The Gallagher vibe: Angrily not caring always looks pretty cool.

I'm most likely to steal: Anything from his shockingly cool clothing line.

Main Image: Wikimedia Commons