12 Fall Decorating Ideas Inspired by Adorable Woodland Creatures

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Say what you will about spirit animals, but I like to think that most personalities can be represented by one of Mother Nature’s awe-inspiring creatures. Seriously, how great would it be to be a cat for a day? Obviously, my spirit animal is Liz Lemon (because night cheese forever!), but if I had to choose an actual animal then I'd pick a fox. Or maybe a deer? I don't know, but it would definitely be some kind of woodland critter. Even though they exist in the wild, there’s something so cozy and cuddly about them that they instantly make me feel at ease. Also, if we’re stating the obvious, they’re cute.

Why not bring the great outdoors inside? A fox may not make a great pet, but a faux-fox definitely makes for a creative bookend! Because it's almost fall (and because these animals are so freaking adorable), I've gathered up 12 decorating ideas inspired by some of the most charming woodland creatures nature has to offer. Bring them into your apartment, and things are bound to get wild in the cutest way possible.

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