Katy Perry Announces Name of New SIngle, Now Please Stop Asking Her About Rob Pattinson

In case you missed the gold-plated semi-truck announcing its arrival, Katy Perry has a new album coming out on Oct. 22 called Prism. Now it's been revealed that the first single from the album will be " Roar." If the music video isn't dinosaur-themed, Perry really missed out on a great opportunity.

Unfortunately, I've heard more about a text that Perry sent Kristen Stewart today than I have about Prism or "Roar," so I really hope that the announcement of her single will take some of the attention away from that ridiculous story and bring it back to where it should be: Perry's music. (And let's be honest, boobs.)

But what is this story about Perry texting Stewart, you ask? Sigh — fine, let's talk about it: After Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up, Perry was seen spending time with the Twilight actor, leading to rumors that the two were dating. Perry cleared up the rumors in the September issue of Elle UK , explaining that when she first started spending time with Pattinson, she texted Stewart to clarify that they weren't dating, and just friends. She also told the magazine:

There are the boobs we were talking about! Perry is able to be friends with both Stewart and Pattinson, and can be friends with a guy without dating him — INCREDIBLE. Now let's move on. Between the news about "Roar" and Perry's movie The Smurfs 2 being released tomorrow, this silly, non-drama should be forgotten.