Is Disney's Zendaya Coleman the Right Choice to Play the Late Aaliyah in Lifetime's Biopic?

Just like everything else from the 90s, R&B singer Aaliyah is getting a bit of a reboot. No we don't mean the album of her lost music that Drake is reportedly producing: the Grammy-nominated fallen actress is set to get the biopic treatment from Lifetime. (No word on that VH1 one, though.) And Zendaya Coleman, star of The Disney Channel's Shake It Up, will play the singer gone-too-soon in the moving filming this summer.

The film will be based on the Christopher Farley (no, not that one) book Aaliyah: More Than a Woman and is tentatively titled the oh-so-original Aaliyah: Princess of R&B. It is said that the film will not simply focus on the tragic end of her career, but rather her whole trajectory: from Star Search contestant (though honestly who wasn't a contestant on Star Search in the 90s?) to five-time Grammy nominee and internationally acclaimed recording artist prior to her tragic death at 22 in a plane crash.

It's no surprise that Coleman was the actress nabbed for the part. Coleman — who is also a singer herself because of course she is she's a Disney star — recently paid homage to Aaliyah in her own music video/single "Replay." It is being reported that Coleman herself will record four of Aaliyah's songs. Personally, our money is on "Try Again," "One in a Million," "Are You That Somebody?" and "Rock the Boat."

In honor of the news we figured it best to present you with the best use of an Aaliyah song maybe ever: