This Act Is On Hiatus, 'Little Women' Fans

by Laura Rosenfeld

There has been some talk about the show business careers of the Little Women: LA cast, but we have yet to see any of them actually show off their talents. Lucky for us, the wait is finally over because on Tuesday night's episode, Terra Jole and Tonya Banks will perform for the rest of the Little Women: LA crew. If the hands they wear on their chests in the preview for the episode is any indication, it looks like they'll be performing "Applause," or at least some Lady Gaga song. And don't worry. Someone is going to throw down some drama at the performance (my money's on Christy McGinity), faster than you can say, "Po-po-po-poker face."

This won't be the first time Jole and Banks have teamed up as celebrity impersonators. Years ago, Jole and Banks both starred in Little Legends , a Las Vegas show featuring several little people and their celebrity impersonations. Jole brought her signature "Mini Britney Spears" act to this show while Banks portrayed Tina Turner. Since then, the pair have actually performed together as "Mini Gaga" and "Mini Beyonce" all over the country, from Los Angeles to New Orleans to Houston. Although their live rendition of "Telephone" is nowhere near as crazy as Gaga's original music video for the song, Jole and Banks' quick costume changes and mostly in-sync choreography seem to be enough to please the crowd. Jole and Banks have also performed "Till the World Ends" together as "Mini Britney Spears" and "Mini Nicki Minaj," respectively.

These besties have also taken their friendship to the silver screen, appearing in Austin Powers: Goldmember together, along with fellow Little Women: LA cast mate Traci Harrison. It also looks like they filmed a project last year that involved guns, white Adidas track suits, and Tommy Chong, according to Jole's Instagram.

We're probably not going to be able to see all of Jole's and Banks' performance during Tuesday night's Little Women: LA episode. By the time the preview for next week's episode starts, you may just feel a little empty inside. We feel you. Unfortunately, if you were planning on catching Jole and Banks live, you may not have much luck with that. While they have done some live appearances with their fellow Little Women: LA cast mates, it does not look like Jole or Banks have any live performances, solo or with each other, scheduled for the near future.

However, earlier this month, Jole released a snippet of the video for her new single, "Booty Bee," which features Jole and Banks shaking their rumps, along with their Little Women: LA cast mates Briana Manson and Elena Gant. With Jole's plans to release an EP and both of their appetites for the limelight, we're sure it won't be too long before these two take the stage again. Maybe they should team up with three more Little Women: LA ladies and impersonate the Spice Girls?

Image: Lifetime