11 Childhood Snacks You Should Make Right Now Because You Are Never Too Old

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On most days, we try to be civilized eaters. We talk about French pastry and teatime and the art of homemade pasta. We’ll even eat our sweetbreads and our bone marrow, and we’ll be happy about it — because that’s what good foodies do.

But let’s be honest: sometimes, you just really need a Hostess cupcake. You need to face plant into a bowl of Cheez-Its and shove as many Pop Tarts as you can in your mouth. We get it. So this week, let’s give into the kid in us. We’ll cook like it’s the 90s all over again, and we’ll do it with pride. These are, after all, the foods that saw you through those school projects, through first crushes and breakups. These snacks were there for you then, and they will be there for you always.

Image: Brown Eyed Baker

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