Did We Meet Robert Quinn On 'The Fosters'?

by Christine DiStasio

Where in the world is Robert Quinn? I'll tell you where — buying milkshakes at Not A Burger Stand. On Tuesday night, The Fosters Season 2 premiere aired on ABC Family and if you missed it, you'd better catch up right away. Season 2 started off right where Season 1 left off and, in its final moments, dropped a huge reveal like only an ABC Family drama can. Kerr Smith debuted as Callie's biological dad, Robert Quinn, on Tuesday night with Bailee Madison as Callie's half sister.

A lot of the premiere focused on Quinn and whether or not he should really be in charge of giving permission for Callie's adoption. I mean, he allegedly abandoned her mother after she told him she was pregnant and Callie was raised, from six months onward, by Jude's biological dad. But the judge didn't rule in Callie's favor — who just wants to be adopted now, by the way — and naturally, Stef was livid. And Callie was left with the big decision of whether or not she wanted to find her dad, just 15 minutes into the Season 2 premiere. Rough stuff.

She ultimately decided no, that she could wait till she was 18 and that she didn't want to meet Quinn. Which, personally, I felt was a strong decision on her part — Callie wants so badly to be apart of the family and yet, she's willing to wait just in case this guy turns out to be a psycho that wants her back in his life. But after a hiccup in the Foster family's fostering license, she decided to pursue her father so she could make it official. So, Stef served Quinn with abandonment papers and the saga continued for what I thought would be the rest of the season.

BUT, In the final moments of the episode, a semi-creepy looking silver fox turned up at Callie's job at Not A Burger Stand. Why was he creepy? Because it seemed like he was lurking around while he ordered his two vanilla milkshakes and stared at Callie like she was a ghost. Obviously fans knew this was Callie's dad — the announcement that Kerr Smith would join Season 2 came weeks ago. But we were taken off guard with Bailee Madison calling him dad. And then I was forced to wonder — did Quinn know about Callie this whole time?

If yes, he's a pretty shitty dad for stalking his biological daughter without ever telling her who he is. If no, it's pretty creepy to turn up at her job right after you're served abandonment papers. Also, is there a PLL-esque twin plot twist coming? Revealing Quinn and Madison's characters this way changed the game big time and now, we're not so sure Callie's adoption problems are anywhere near being over.

Image: ABC Family, thefosters-onabcfamily/Tumblr