Surprise! Katy Just Released a New Track

by Alex Kritselis

Surprise! Katy Perry just sneakily released a brand new song and it's EPIC. Well, in actuality, Perry is featured on singer-songwriter Ferras’ new song, “Legends Never Die,” which was released on Tuesday. Same difference, basically. “Legends Never Die” is a triumphant ballad about being a total badass and living life with no regrets. It's awesome.

The song would sound just perfect playing over the end credits to a made-for-TV ABC Family movie. Perhaps one about a scrappy high school football team that has to overcome many obstacles and goes on to win the State championship against all odds. I know that doesn’t exactly sound like a ringing endorsement, but it is: “Legends Never Die” is the perfect blend of cheesy and empowering. And with Perry’s name attached to it, I think the song could end up becoming a big hit, too.

Los Angeles-based artist Ferras is probably best known for his song “Hollywood’s Not America,” which was used as “exit music” on the seventh season of American Idol. Both signed to Capitol Records, Ferras and Perry have actually been pals for a long time! I really liked Ferras’ debut album, 2008’s Aliens & Rainbows, and I was hoping that American Idol would help launch his career — but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, Ferras began writing for other artists like Adam Lambert and Ricky Martin (there was even a rumor that Ferras was dating Lambert for a little while). Ferras’ new self-titled EP was released to iTunes on Tuesday.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“Legends Never Die” was co-written and co-produced by Ferras, Sarah Hudson (Perry’s “Dark Horse”) and Greg Wells (Perry’s “Waking Up In Vegas”). Expertly crafted, the song gradually adds in thundering percussion and sweeping strings as it progresses, slowly building toward its crashing climax. On the chorus, Ferras and Perry sing:

We are the stars that shine

We don’t even have to try

We could go down in flames

But we’ll melt the world away

All I know is you’re my rock ‘n roll

And wherever we go, we are heroes, heroes

They don’t make ‘em like you and I

Legends never die

Vocally, Ferras and Perry are a match made in heaven. They sound incredible together. When they sing, “Tonight, we stop time, let go of the wheel, and drrriiiiiivvve,” on the bridge, you’ll get chills. Or goosebumps. One or the other, I promise.

Listen to “Legends Never Die” via YouTube below. The song is available on iTunes now.