One Direction 'Our Moment' Perfume Wins Big at Fragrance Foundation Awards, Because Teens Make The Best Hardcore Fans

It may not be your go-to fragrance, but teens everywhere will be stoked to hear that One Direction's fastest-selling perfume Our Moment is officially an award-winning scent now. Last night at the Fragrance Foundation Awards, 1D's debut perfume received the title of Consumer Choice Celebrity Fragrance of the Year. Congrats, boys!

This, of course, was not a total surprise. When a spokesperson for Elizabeth Arden (who was behind the scent) accepted the award, she said, "When [the band] asked 31 million Facebook fans to contribute to the Consumer Choice Awards, we were, uh, hopeful." She was referring to this post, which received over 21,000 likes and 570 shares.

Our Moment sold more bottles than any other in 2013, winning them the title of Golden Perfume Bottle Award from The Perfume Shop. The insane amount of sales led them to release another perfume, called That Moment, which was released in May. And because two fragrances aren't enough, the boys announced a third perfume just last week called You & I.

In the video announcement for You & I, Liam Payne told fans, "We’ve worked really hard on it and we tried to find a scent that we all liked and we worked really hard on designing the packaging and bottle as well. Can’t wait for you guys to see it."

In case you needed a breakdown of scents, here's exactly what each of the perfumes smell like: Our Moment's scent has notes of pink grapefruit, wild berries, red currants, jasmine, freesia and musk.

That Moment is more of a tangy fragrance with splashes of fruit, fresh flowers and a touch of musk.

No word yet on what You & I's scent will be. But we're and fruit?

Fingers crossed!

Image: One Direction Eden Parfums