Emily Maynard Threw a 'Bachelor' Wedding

The former Bachelorette may have had a secret ceremony, but Emily Maynard is now sharing the details of her wedding in an Instagram video for all to see. Maynard surprised her guests last week by actually walking down the aisle when everyone thought they were just there for an engagement party. But fortunately Heart Stone Films was in on the secret, and was able to capture all the magical moments. Let me tell you, the wedding is pretty much a lavish Bachelor date.

The ABC show has been known to go overboard with their dates to make them as romantic as possible. After one stint as The Bachelor winner and a season of being The Bachelorette, it seems Maynard has become so comfortable with that style of romance that she emulated some of its traits in her own wedding.

The ceremony itself took place in a huge airy tent while lanterns hung from nearby trees, not unlike the date Ashley Hebert and Constantine went on in Taiwan when they lit lanterns and let them float up into the sky. Maynard and her new husband Tyler Johnson even had their first dance in front of a watching crowd, like nearly every Bachelor date these days.

The end of the video featured the explosion of fireworks to mark the marriage. Fireworks have been a Bachelor staple for years. If a one on one date goes well and the contestant gets the rose, then the couple gets to watch a shower of sparks.

It's a pretty symbolic way for Maynard's wedding to end, calling upon the cliched Bachelor fireworks as her Bachelorette-dom draws to a close. Whether that was intentional or subconscious doesn't matter, the point is our little Bachelorette is all grown up. And happy.

Watch the wedding montage below: