Black Women Run Hollywood, According To This On-Point Satire — VIDEO

Turns out, Beyonce was speaking truths when she released her 2011 single "Who Run the World (Girls)." Only apparently, she wasn't just talking about girl power in general — she was exposing a secret plot by black women to control Hollywood, Illuminati-style. We should have known all along. In reality, though, black women are still criminally under and unrepresented in Hollywood, which makes this Funny or Die sketch called "Black Women Run Hollywood" all the greater in its satire.

It stars Friday Night Lights' Jurnee Smollett as the new recruit, being initiated into the cause by 12 Years A Slave's Alfre Woodard. Parks and Recreation's Retta is there also, alongside Girl Code comedian Nicole Byer and a bevy of other recognizable black actresses. They have, the skit insists, been taking small parts like that of George Clooney's sister's nanny in order to more fully control Hollywood from the sidelines — and so they wouldn't have to take the blame for greenlighting Transcendence .

I just gotta say: If this gig is true, I want in. They've got Hollywood's white male directors at their beck and call! Imagine what you could do with that power! I could make a Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel TV show in at timely manner! I could get that Lupita Nyong'o/Jennifer Lawrence buddy comedy going! I could make Gina Torres Wonder Woman!

If only, amirite? Watch the skit here: