Suicide Bombing at Nigerian World Cup Watch Party Kills 'Several,' and Boko Haram May Be Responsible

A celebration turned tragic Tuesday when a suicide bombing at a World Cup viewing in Nigeria killed several. Early reports suggested Boko Haram, the terrorist group responsible for kidnapping more than 200 girls from a school in Chibok earlier this year, may be responsible for the attack. The blast came from a tricycle taxi full of explosives, the Associated Press reported, and targeted a group viewing of the Brazil-Mexico game in Damaturu, a city in the northern state of Yobe. Several people were immediately killed and others were transferred to hospitals, some of them gravely injured.

In the wake of the blast, rescue workers were attempting to watch out for secondary explosives that may have been planted at the site, which Boko Haram is reportedly known to use in order to target rescue workers.

Reuters reported that the government in Nigeria, which has endured many similar bombings in the past, warned its citizens against attending similar open outdoor venues due to the terrorist threat.

According to the BBC, dozens of people were being treated for injuries in the wake of the bombing. One worker told the news organization that "truckloads" were being treated.

The injured people are so numerous I cannot count them. The military and police trucks that brought them in have made four return trips so far ferrying them in. Every single truck was full of the injured. And all of them are young men or children.

Boko Haram believes soccer is not Islamic, the BBC reported.