'Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10' Special Lets Us Know What the Kids Are Up To

When I think back to my days of religiously watching TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 , the first thing that comes to mind is Kate screaming at Jon. I wish my mind went to the six adorable sextuplets rolling around on the carpet and chewing on things that they shouldn't, but unfortunately, it immediately goes to the 24/7 argument that was the Gosselin household. But, then again, who can even blame them for yelling all of the time? They had to take care of eight freakin' kids, six of which were all the same age. That's tough. Not even all of those cute toddler faces can keep you sane. However those six kids aren't toddlers anymore and on Thursday night, TLC aired the special Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10 and the title alone should've been enough to make any Gosselin fan feel old.

You might've noticed that the special's title doesn't include Jon, but that's nothing new. Jon & Kate Plus Eight became Kate Plus 8 due to Jon and Kate's inevitable and very public divorce in 2009. Jon became a waiter and moved into a cabin without internet, while Kate took control of her home and kept on rockin' crazy hairstyles—something else that wasn't very surprising, since we always Kate was the true leader of her family. And now, after years of only getting updates from tabloids, Kate Plus 8 has come back to TLC for a two-hour special split between two nights, Thursday June 19 and 26.

So thanks to a slew of magazine covers, we know what the parents have been up to, but what have the Gosselin kids been doing in the past two and a half years since Kate Plus 8 went off the air? Well, they've definitely grown up quite a bit. I only remember the late-2000 versions of the kids, but now that it's 2014, twins Cara and Mady are 13 years old, and the sextuplets — Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Collin, Aaden, and Joel — are 10. Wowza — that's a lot of 10 year olds. Throw in two teenage girls and that's a house that I do not want to be in. Can you even imagine the amount of door-slamming that goes on in that home?

Check out what the eight Gosselin kids have been up to:

1. The Twins Became Teenagers—with Attitude

During an episode of the Today show, Cara and Mady gave their mom some serious sass. Sass so palpable that you couldn't even believe it was happening on live TV. Plus, during the first hour of the TLC special, Mady delivered teenager insults every chance she got.

2. They've Also Been Teenagers that Do Normal Teenager Things

Like going to Demi Lovato concerts.

3. They Got a Bird Named Zorro

But really he's Kate's pet because he sits on her shoulder all day long.

4. All the Kids Posed for Kate's New Cookbook Cover

D'aww, so cute.

5. The Three Youngest Girls Learned How to Put a Diaper on a Baby

Hey, it's a good thing to know how to do.

6. But Most Importantly, the Sextuplets Have Remained the Cutest Kids Ever

Seriously, how awesome is it to have five best friends built into your family? Sleepovers all day, every day.

Image: TLC