Can Their Relationship Survive 'Return to Amish'?

We all know that the mother of the person you're dating isn't always the easiest person to get along with. That's certainly the case on TLC's Return to Amish, Abe and Andrew's mom, OG Mary, hasn't been the most welcoming to the other ladies in her sons' lives. Abe's wife Rebecca and Mary generally butt heads because they each think they know best. We saw during last Sunday night's episode that Mary hasn't taken too kindly to Andrew's on-again, off-again girlfriend Chapel, either. However it seems that Mary might want to get used to Chapel, because that seemingly unstable relationship recently took a surprising turn.

Of course that might not matter, since Mary really doesn't like Chapel at all. Mary thinks Chapel is a bad influence on Andrew because she's not Amish, and she blames Chapel for steering Andrew down the wrong path, as in the one that led him to jail. While this probably has no basis other than Mary wanting her son to marry an Amish woman, it's more difficult for a relationship to be successful when you don't have the support of your partner's loved ones.

This isn't the first road block for Andrew and Chapel, as Chapel was diagnosed with bone cancer in late 2011. Andrew has been very supportive of her, taking care of Chapel when she was sick from chemotherapy and accompanying her to doctor appointments. Although Chapel has been in remission, it looks like she will receive some unfortunate news regarding her health in Sunday night's episode, which could pose another hardship for her already somewhat tenuous relationship with Andrew.

However, undoubtedly the biggest strain on their relationship has been Andrew's behavior. There has also been talk that Andrew was unfaithful to Chapel in the past. During Andrew's time on Breaking Amish: LA, we found out that Rebecca told Chapel he had cheated on her. Chapel was pretty peeved and wouldn't speak to Andrew after that. So the only thing he could think to do next was to hit up LA and hook up with some girls during his time away from the Amish. Soon, Andrew actually felt remorse over his actions and missed Chapel.

Shockingly, Chapel wouldn't take him back at first. However, by the time Return to Amish rolled around, the couple was back together, but Chapel wasn't feeling Andrew's prison visits so much. At the start of this season, Andrew had just been released from jail, and Chapel wondered whether their relationship could survive if he committed any more crimes. They also had to deal with some rumors that Chapel and Jeremiah had a fling while Andrew was in prison. Chapel said Jeremiah had just misunderstood her invitation for him to stay over at her house when he needed a place to stay. And since this is Jeremiah we're talking about, we're inclined to believe Chapel on this one.

Moving forward, it looks like Rebecca will take a page out of Mary's book when it comes to Andrew and Chapel's relationship. During last Sunday's episode, she already told Chapel about all the women Andrew has slept with. Not helping, Rebecca. Chapel may have laughed it off, but knowing that they will revisit Andrew and Rebecca's night of passion, she's not going down without a fight.

But if you thought this relationship was headed for disaster, think again. Spoiler: Andrew and Chapel actually tied the knot earlier this year. And it looks like they got married outside, not in a chapel. What a missed opportunity that was. There's no telling whether or not we'll see the wedding on Return to Amish this season, but at least you can rest easy knowing Andrew and Chapel got their happy ending. Well, for now.

Image: TLC; theonlyasgard/Tumblr