Rihanna Wins Lawsuit Against Topshop for Selling T-Shirt With Unauthorized Photo


Well, it appears that Topshop is no match for Rihanna. About two months ago, the singer filed a $5 million suit in the U.K. against the retail giant for selling a top with her unauthorized photo on it. The Telegraph reports that the High Court has ruled in favor of Rihanna, saying that the image of Rihanna led customers to believe that the t-shirt had been authorized by the singer.

Topshop is “surprised and disappointed by the judgement handed down today.” A spokesperson for the company said:

Yes, Topshop. The majority of your customers probably are savvy enough to understand that a Rihanna t-shirt does not necessarily mean a Rihanna clothing line. But when you consider that the singer has a collaboration with Topshop competitor River Island, it makes sense as to why she wouldn't want to be inadvertently helping out Topshop.