The Best Airport Proposal Yet

by Michelle Regalado
WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It takes a lot of work to pull off the perfect proposal. So when one man, George Erasmus, proposed to his girlfriend, he recruited help — from every passenger on his flight.

Erasmus is from South Africa, where he first met Kansas native Ashley Kracht while she was working as missionary there three years ago. On Monday, Kracht went to the airport to pick Erasmus up for his visit to her hometown. Little did she know he had the surprise of a lifetime in store for her.

As can be seen in the footage below, all of the passengers on Erasmus’ United flight handed Kracht a carnation or a daisy as they exited the plane. Meanwhile, Kracht — who clearly catches on fast — bursts out into fits of nervous laughter as she thanks each person. After every one has given her their flower (leaving Kracht with a huge armful), Erasmus himself deboards the plane, holding a whole other big bouquet of roses. The two hug and kiss and tears start rolling down Kracht’s cheeks before he gets down on one knee and pulls the ring box out of his pocket.

As if enlisting an entire plane full of people wasn’t enough, Eramus also had United Airlines play a song he wrote for his bride-to-be over the PA system. Damn, this guy thought of it all, didn’t he?! Way to raise the bar for everybody else, buddy.

Of course, Ashley said yes (how do you turn down a proposal like that?!). Check out Erasmus’ elaborate proposal below:

Image: KSDK