She Has a Strict Dress Code for North West

Life as a Kardashian-West must be pretty hard, in a "not hard at all" sort of way. Still, one can't help but feel for little North West, who is about to grow up in the spotlight without ever being given a choice about whether she's cool with her mega-fame. She also has crazy parents, further evidenced by the fact that Kim Kardashian has a strict, neutral colors dress code for North West. That's a huge shame when you consider how many adorable, colorful outfits that girl is probably gifted daily by the biggest designers in fashion.

According to the International Business Times (in a piece that is neither international, nor about business — unless we're talking Kim Kardashian's personal business), North West's mom is a tyrant who won't let her wear colors. See below:

[S]ources claim the newlywed also has strict rules when it comes to North’s wardrobe and her nannies’ proximity to her person when out in public. “Kim dresses her daughter in only neutral colors,” reads the report, adding, “Kim demands her posse walk behind her.”

I'm not all about criticizing celebrity mothers because a) I don't know anything about their lives, and b) women are criticized enough. But the neutral colors dress code is harmless, funny, and totally sounds like something Kim would do. Of course she wants North West to be the chicest baby in all of CelebriLand, and why not? While I personally think colorful outfits are fun and that children should be allowed to wear cartoon characters on their t-shirts while it's still socially acceptable, a black-and-white palate isn't going to scar North West for life.

However, if no one is going to be using that heavenly pink Lanvin dress Alber Elbaz gave North West, then just pass that right along to me. Pink is exactly my future daughter/son/cat's color.