Will You Watch This New Reality Show From Anna Wintour?

Hey, you know what the world seems to really be needing? Another fashion-related reality show! Yes, yes, Fashion Star (the one with Jessica Simpson) was just been cancelled, and Project Runway has become nearly unwatchable, but, hey, let's throw another one into the mix! What a grand idea! The Fashion Fund does actually sound like one of the more innovate and interesting fashion reality shows. The show comes courtesy of Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers for America, and will follow the ten finalists in the 2013 Fashion Fund awards as they prepare for the competition.

So, yes, the concept is more legitimate than Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson deciding if your designs should be sold in H&M, or whatever the concept of the Fashion Star are. Still, The Fashion Fund might not succeed, if only for one reason: it sounds really boring. Yes, it will be interesting to see all the moving parts of the Fashion Fund awards, but reality television is only as interesting as the people in it, and the ten finalists likely aren't crazy, wacky personalities. They're hard workers who aren't about to mess up their career with a messy fight or scripted backstab.

In order to succeed, The Fashion Fund will have to give an exclusive and fresh look into the industry, and actually use its big-time names (Anna Wintour, Jenna Lyons, and Diane von Furstenberg are all judges) for more than just, well, their name.