Alexa Chung And Puppy Star In The Longchamp 20th Anniversary Campaign, So Basically It's Perfect

If you think fashion advertisements are all about seductive poses, gothic undertones and beautiful celebrities in bizarre poses, you haven't seen Longchamp's new 20th Anniversary Le Pliage campaign. Instead of training the lens on a starlet staring down the camera in what amounts to only half of an outfit, Longchamp instead embraced a more classic concept: The union of cute and chic. Starring a fresh-faced Alexa Chung, the ads are less lewd and more elegantly traditional, thanks to a well-chosen wardrobe, a gorgeous set location, and the sweetest Jack Russell terrier puppy you can possibly imagine.

The iconic French fashion house photographed Chung in Château des Ormes, a beautifully designed country manor whose classic sophistication and subtly preppy vibe perfectly echo Longchamp's brand image. And while Chung does aim a few soulful looks at the camera, her frenzied puppy companion keeps the shoot from becoming too serious.

The classic Le Pliage bag itself has been revamped with a streamlined new finish, and in celebration of the two-decade landmark, is available for customization in a new line entitled Le Pliage Cuir Personalized. For $600-$790, you can have your very own utterly unique Longchamp Le Pliage — and perhaps aside from a Jack Russell puppy with purchase, what could be better than that?

Image: Longchamp