Where Are the World's Sexiest People?

Which country has the world's sexiest people? Well, according to a survey of 60,000 single women and 39,000 single men conducted by travel dating website, the sexiest men live in Australia and the sexiest women hail from Brazil. Make your travel plans accordingly.

This is the poll's second year, and it came with quite a few upsets. Last year, Colombian women were considered the world's most attractive (thank you, Sofia Vergara), while now they've been demoted to third place, after Brazil and Russia — possibly because the Sochi Olympics and the World Cup have everyone traveling to those countries this year, and because of all the pictures of Putin with his shirt off. On the other side of the gender divide, British men also went from being the sexiest last year to third place this year, getting beat out by Australians and Italians.

And Americans took quite a beating; though American men still rank sixth in sexy, according to the site's female users, American women got bumped off this year's Top 10 list entirely. Ouch! Canada still made the sexiest women list, and maybe it's just because the only time I've been to Canada it was December and everyone was bundled up, but I don't really get that one.

The survey also asked people which qualities made a person most attractive, and "accent" apparently came up quite a bit. And I can totally believe it — accents are sexy, and I have a friend who practically swoons at the sound of an Australian accent, so I am well acquainted with their power.

In theory, at least, Miss Travel users would be qualified people to judge who has the sexiest people, considering it's a dating site built all around travel. The service connects users dubbed "Generous Travelers" with users called "Attractive Travelers," basically allowing rich people the chance to travel with attractive people and broke people the chance to travel for free — as long as you don't mind putting up with rich people.

It's founded by the same guy behind the Seeking Arrangements, but there's way less overt "Sugar Daddy" stuff, and way more international travel. (It's vaguely weird, but at least it's not his other invention, Carrot Dating).

The full top ten lists are below. So if you're considering an international vacation soon, keep these countries in mind.

Sexiest Men

  1. Australian
  2. Italian
  3. British
  4. Scottish
  5. Spanish
  6. American
  7. Irish
  8. Brazilian
  9. Canadian
  10. Dutch

Sexiest Women

  1. Brazilian
  2. Russian
  3. Colombian
  4. British
  5. Filipina
  6. Spanish
  7. Australian
  8. Bulgarian
  9. South African
  10. Canadian