This App Will Save You From Wind-Induced Flashing

A lot of strangers have seen my butt. But don't worry, it's not in a Miley Cyrus kind of way. Before you get things twisted, let me just explain that the reason for this is none other than my best friend (and sometimes worst enemy) Mother Nature. Being almost six feet tall, most skirts and dresses are naturally pretty short on me. So when there's a strong wind? (Or, for that matter, any wind at all...) Sometimes things get a little graphic. Unintentionally. Sorry, public. Luckily, there's a new app, Weather to Wear, that tells you if it's too windy out to wear a skirt. Weather to Wear uses cute, illustrated icons of a girl in a full skirt to show just how much wind will affect your outfit on any given day.

While it doesn't tell you the full weather forecast (who needs all of that anyway?), it does show you (in a fun, cartoon-y kind of way) how your skirt will be affected by the wind. A 'calm ruffling' sort of breeze? Well, that might be ok. But decide something else to wear if a heavy wind is headed your way. Overall, though, my favorite icon is the one for stormy weather, which has the illustrated girl's skirt all the way at her armpits. Not a good look for anyone, really, but the girl seems to be pretty excited about it, still. It's just a cheerful app all-around.

All you have to do is plug in your zip code and voila — your wind worries are solved!

Weather to Wear

Pretty cute, right? So ladies, fear not! The most handy weather app is here. Oh. And it's free. I'm not complaining.