It's 'Harry Potter' Rap Time For The Roots

Jimmy Fallon is an awesome host of The Tonight Show, but you know who's equally awesome? His band. Need evidence? Look no further than this gem that you can watch below — on Wednesday night's edition of The Tonight Show, The Roots performed a Harry Potter rap. And yes, it's every bit as good and geeky as you want it to be. (Also, it has a killer bass that makes me want to ask my spin instructor to start using it for uphill climbs).

Wondering how you could get such a combo as the Roots and Harry? Thank Universal Studios. Since The Tonight Show is under the NBC-Universal umbrella, The Tonight Show has been doing all of its shows at Universal Studios this week, in honor of the opening of Diagon Alley. Fallon has been using his signature take-an-interview-and-turn-it-into-viral-gold trick and using it on Universal's properties, promoting them and plugging them with cheeky abandon.

Here, this opportunity happened via Fallon's Suggestion Box. Someone (or Universal, it's really no matter at this point since it's so damn good) requested a rap about Harry Potter. Fallon and The Roots were totally game, and geeks got the ultimate delight.

As for Fallon? He sure knows how to do a shameless plug — as in, no shame, no shame at all. It's a freakin' Harry Potter rap, after all.

Check it out:

Image: NBC